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"40 DAYS IN THE UPPER ROOM" begins on Saturday February 27, 2010 and will end on April 7, the first day of JCI-2

Just Claim It 2 Conference will begin soon and we are positioning ourselves for the expected outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We invite you to take a 40 day journey with us. Just as the disciples in the upper room prepared themselves through prayer and fellowship, we too will prepare ourselves in the same manner during 40 Days in the Upper Room. 

In Scripture, 40 Days is a spiritually significant time period. When God wanted to prepare people for his purpose, whenever God wanted to transform someone for a call, whenever God wanted to start a movement. He took 40 days.  Remember Noah, Moses, Joshua and Caleb, Elijah, and Jesus? They each started a movement that changed the world.

God is preparing His young people for a great Kingdom movement of the 21st century. We firmly believe that during JCI-2, youth and youth adults will see God's vision and purpose for them and will be Holy Spirit empowered to bring Kingdom change to the world.

Here is how you can be involved.
1. For the next 40 days commit to a personal scheduled prayer time at 6 AM every morning.
2. Follow the daily guided Scripture and prayer focus available on http://www.adventistyouthministries.org/ and http://www.adventistyouthspace.com/. See section JCI Upper Room. You can follow JCI to receive daily Twitter prayer feeds.
3. Join in on the daily prayer time conference call at 10:00 -10:15 PM EST.
4. Participate in the Prayer Torch Relay that will culminate at the opening night of JCI-2 with the lighting of the Prayer Torch (yes! just like the Olympics). Check out the details on http://www.adventistyouthministries.org/ and http://www.adventistyouthspace.com/

40 Days in the Upper Room Prayer Calendar

40 days in the upper room



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